David Swenson's Workshop MARCH, 24-26, 2006 (by Giuliano Vecchiè)

I am of the opinion that Yoga should find a new balance, also and especially, through teachers and men like you, David. Please allow me to give you a piece of advice: it is difficult for an apprentice that meets a genuine teacher to let him/her go, as he would like to absorb all his/her knowledge through constant presence. It is true that this would unfortunately increase the teacher’s ego, who would then consider himself as necessary, a kind of supreme guru, eternal and omniscient. Yet, as it is true that an apprentice creates a teacher, it is also true that he can destroy him/her when he understands his/her utmost emptiness. Balance is needed, as in everything, but it is also important to understand that you cannot avoid the apprentice when he is in need of you. I think the apprentice must be given the capability of “flying with its own wings”, and this will never be achieved by means of a book or a dvd. Therefore, David, do not go away do fast; many apprentices need you and your simplicity that may allow them, once they become teachers themselves, to hear people say: wonderful teacher; his best qualities? Modesty and Simplicity.

Thank you, David.

Workshop with Nancy Gilgoff 28-30 July 2006

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